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THRIVE Membership Cancellation Request


We hate to see you go, but, of course, you’re free to leave whenever you feel the time is right for you.  Please let me share a few things that are helpful to know before you finalize discontinuing your membership: 

1.   You will be able to cancel your next payment and any future payments as long as you submit the following form no later than 7 days prior to 12:01am on your billing date. (You can find your billing/payment date on the Account page.)  For example, if your billing date is May 23rd, then the cancellation request form must be received prior to 12:01am on May 16th, to avoid being charged for another month. If you are scheduled to be charged again within 7 days, then you should expect to be charged for that month, but not for future months.  Due to the electronic nature of the product, we cannot issue refunds or prorate for any reason. 

2.   Please be aware that once your cancellation is effective, you will lose access to the Site and all its content, and lose all the benefits of being a member, and you will be unable to log in to the Site after that time.

3.   Please note that if you cancel and then choose to return at a later date, you will return at whatever the current rate is at the time you choose to return, plus you will only have access to the monthly content from the returning month forward – you will not have access to previous months’ content.  

Important: In the form below, please enter the SAME email address that you use for your THRIVE Membership login.  We hope you will give us your honest feedback about what prompted you to discontinue your membership and where we can improve.  

We’re sorry to see you go and look forward to having you rejoin THRIVE when you decide the time is right for you. We wish you the very best!

(If you don’t automatically see the form below, refresh your browser.)