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My son has been looking for a job for a while now, and he’s coming up blank. What’s going on?


There could be several reasons. Is he getting interviews but no job offers? Then it would be helpful for him to focus on improving his interviewing skills. It could be how he’s answering questions or the energy he’s bringing to the interaction.

If he’s not getting interviews, then the issue may be his resume and how it highlights his experience and education, how he’s applying – whether he’s including a cover letter and how personalized it is for each position, his job search strategies, or even his social media presence. I recommend cleaning up his  social media, developing his LinkedIn profile, sharpening his resume and cover letter writing skills, and improving his networking skills.

I can help him with each of these areas, so please have him reach out during one of our Office Hours calls or make a private appointment, so we can delve into what might be happening with his situation.