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I am so frustrated and angry these days. I went to the store to get necessities, and it was packed. All these people were standing close together without wearing masks. They are acting like COVID-19 doesn’t exist and exposing us all, endangering me and everyone else! I am so angry at people who are not being cautious and frustrated that I can’t get my feelings under control. I am losing sleep and my stomach is in knots.


You’re not alone – all the feelings are flying around all over the place for most people these days. Let’s take a look at what’s going on in your mind to help you get some relief.

Sounds like this is your unintentional thought Model:

Circumstance (C): Many people in store not standing 6 feet apart and not wearing masks
Thought (T): They should not be doing that – they are endangering me and everyone!
Feeling (F): Angry / Frustrated
Actions (A): Fuming, stewing in my thoughts, worrying, losing sleep, etc
Result (R): I’m hurting myself 

Do you see that?

The key to getting unstuck from that thought loop is to intentionally practice a new thought that serves you better. You need to play with your intentional thought Model to make sure it is believable to you and works for you, but here’s an option to get you started:

C: Many people in store not standing 6 feet apart and not wearing masks
T: I don’t have any control of them because adults get to do what they want. But I have control over me and need to take care of myself and my family.
F: Determined / Committed
A: Wear mask, social distance, avoid stores at peak times, practice self-care (time with the Lord, nutrition, sleep, exercise, meditation, etc)
R: I take care of me

Does that make sense?