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I have my first performance review after being at my job for a few months next week – do you have any tips?


One of the most important things you can do in preparation is to work on your mindset. Approach the review as a learner. View it as an invaluable conversation, an opportunity to build your relationship with your supervisor and to get much needed feedback, so you can be a valuable contributor to your company. Work on your thoughts, so you’re ready to truly welcome feedback of all kinds, positive and areas for improvement.

Do a self-evaluation prior to the review. Think about your job responsibilities, the expectations for your position, and company goals – honestly evaluate where you are on track and where you need to improve. Make notes about your achievements and accomplishments, so they’ll be fresh on your mind and easy to share during the review.

Come ready to ask questions – ask where you can develop and grow, what goals your supervisor would like you to focus on, where you can be the most valuable contributor in the next quarter. This conversation is a great opportunity to get clear on your goals and where to direct your focus, so you’ll be well prepared for your next review and positioned to ask for a raise as you hit your goals.