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I’m researching careers and nothing seems really interesting and exciting enough. What should I do?


First off, it’s always helpful to remember that a career is a circumstance, and circumstances are always neutral. Whether we feel excited or interested about something is 100% based on our thoughts. Ask yourself, what kind of expectations do you have for your career? Are you thinking it should “provide” excitement for you? You are in charge of whether something is interesting or exciting based on whatever you choose to think about it. It is so helpful to remember that YOU have the power to make your work exciting and interesting or not.

Having laid that crucial foundation, I suggest that you think through what you want your LIFE to look like, not just the work piece. We are enormously blessed in this day and age to be able to create the life we want – we get the privilege of choosing our life, not just choosing our career path alone. What do you want your LIFE to look like??? Spend time dreaming and praying about that. It’s the whole of your life, and what you THINK about the whole of your life, that will provide the excitement and variety it sounds like you’re craving. You will love your career so much more if you love your life. And trust me, you won’t love your career for very long, if the whole of your life is full of lack and stress.

And remember, your thoughts and the fit of the position to your natural abilities are the two most important pieces of the puzzle. You create the excitement, you create the fulfillment, based on what you’re choosing to think. You can be happy in whatever career you choose. But ideally you will choose something that stays in line with how God made you. If so, even a job that right now doesn’t seem very exciting will end up being really enjoyable because you’re using the gifts God gave you – it is so deeply satisfying to work in your “sweet spot”! And if it paves the way to create the whole life picture you want, SO awesome!