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I am trying to learn how to do thought models, and need help knowing what to put. My husband was laid off and I’m scared.


Thanks for reaching out – let me help you get started:

C (Circumstance, facts only): Husband was laid off by his company.
T (Thought, just one phrase): List just one thought that you are thinking about his being laid off that leads you to feel scared, since you shared that is what you’re feeling.
F (Feeling, one word, how do you feel when you think that particular thought?): Scared
A (Actions and inactions, several): What do you do and not do when you feel this way? How do you show up around your husband when you feel this way?
R (your Result, can only be about you, not about anyone else): What is your result when you do the above actions and inactions because you’re feeling scared because you’re thinking ______ about your husband being laid off? Can you see how that result ties back to your thought?

Spend some time filling in the T, A, and R of the above model. Either share the completed one here, or bring it to the next Office Hours call (either email it to or come to the call), and I will give you more feedback.