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I’m confused why so many of the careers listed in my Career Exploration Supplement involve math.  I have never really been good at math…


The career options included in the Career Exploration Supplement are based solely on your natural abilities. The report is saying that if the individual taking the HAB is willing to develop the necessary skills, these are the careers that utilize their pattern of natural abilities.Big picture, the Highlands Ability Battery assesses objectively what your natural abilities are.
Everyone who takes it performs timed worksamples, games and challenges, where they have to complete different tasks while the clock is ticking. Also important to remember, the percentile scores compare you to people in the Highlands’ database – you are being compared to highly educated, driven, and professional people – the percentile scores do not compare you to the general population.
Key thing to remember – natural abilities are different than skills – natural abilities are what you have the natural, innate talent to do – skills are what you’ve learned to do.
So someone could have a natural talent in math, but 
  • if they move from school to school and miss key concepts,
  • if they don’t connect with their teacher(s),
  • if they don’t practice and do their homework,
  • if they tell themselves they are bad at math, so don’t fully engage,
  • etc,
               they won’t fully harness and develop their natural ability to do math. Bottom line, it is up to you – it is your life.

If you’re willing to develop the skills, to work to fill in any knowledge gaps, then you have the natural wiring to do the listed careers.

It is totally up to you – you may not want to develop the skills, and that is great.

But I think it is so helpful to know that it is your choice. It is not that you are not capable of doing it, but that you choose to not do it.  And that is a perfectly valid choice, if that is what you choose.